Weebly Sites support both the Slide-Out and Exit Pop Up forms. 

The sign up form code can be added to specfic pages by using the SEO footer section on each page.

The video below shows How to add StickyEmail Form Code to a Weebly Site:

Steps to adding the code to a Weebly Site

Get your Sign Up Form Code from StickyEmail

1. Login to your StickyEmail Account

2. Select My Sequences

3. Select the sequence you are woring with and Click on the purple Action button 

4. Select Sign Up Options.

5. On the Sign Up Option Page Select copy the code from the form you are working with (either Slide-Out or Exit Pop Up).

Adding to Weebly:

1. Login to your weebly site.

2. Select Pages from the top navigation bar

3. Select the page you want to add the code to

4. Open the SEO Section

5. Paste the code. You can add both the Slide-Out and Exit Pop up code to each page.