The sign up forms can be edited to change the default text, add images, thank you page redirects.

To edit your Sign Up Forms:

First login to your StickyFolios/StickyEmails account

1. Select View Sequences

2. Next, to the sequence, you want to use, click the Action Button and select Sign Up Option

3. From the options list select SignUp Options - note if the emails in the sequence have not been fully published you won't see this option.

4. Once on your sign up form page - Select a form type (Slide Out, Exit Pop up, StickyBar or Simple).

Expand the arrow next to each type to see your forms for that style of sign up form. If your page does not have a default you can create a new form.  Click her to learn how to create a new Sign Up form.

5. Click the Pencil on the form you wish to edit.


Sign Up Code Tips:

  • Sign up codes can not be edited until you have approved your email sequence. 
  • Once you have your sign up code on your website or in a Folio.
  • You can change your images, edit the code at any time, and do not need to update the code on your site to see the changes updates.

Thank you Page Redirects:

  • Thank you redirects can be added to all Form types.
  • Redirects not work on simple forms embedded directly on a page or on a StickyBar.
  • Redirect forms do work for buttons in StickyFolios.
  • Images are supported only on the Slide-Out and the Exit Pop Up Style Sign Up Forms.