To embed slide-out and Exit Pop Up codes in your website. Select your website provider from the list below.  If you do not see your site provider listed, please email support@stickyemail with the name of your website company, and our team will assist you.

Note:  Slide Out and the Pop Up Embed codes are special embeds and may not work on all sites.

Tested and currently working with:

Click here for StickyFolio  StickyFolios support all form types.

Click here for Wordpress Site -  Wordpress Sites work best with Slide-Out and Exit Pop Up Forms.

Click here for PhotoBiz sites -  PhotoBiz Sites work best with Slide-out and Exipt Pop up forms.

Click here for Square Space sites - Slide-Out and Exit Pop Up forms.

Click here for Show It Sites  sites -  Show it sites support Slide-Out forms.

Click here for Wix sites - Wix sites support Slide-Out forms.

Click here for Weebly sites - Weebly Sites support Slid-Out and Exit Pop Up forms.

Sites that don't support any of the sign up form options:

Smugmug sites do not support sign up forms of any type.  

Into the Darkroom sites do not support sign up forms of any type

Sites that don't support Slide Out and Exit Pop Ups:

Zenfolio websites - support only simple sign up forms on a static page.  One work around is to use the Link from the simple form.   Use a menu tab to link to your simple sign up form.

When your site does not suport using any of the sign up forms - Try using the direct link to the sign up form

Click here to learn how to link to a Signup Form

Customers report that Slide-Out and Exit Pop Up also work with Good Galleries.

If you are not sure if the Slide out and pop up exit forms work with your website, email support at and let them know the website type you have (i.e. PhotoBiz, Good Galleries etc).